Political Fatties

On April 2019, the Political Fatties shot their film “We Are The Real Cyborgs” inside Fluffy Library”.

The Political Fatties are a group of queer fat femininities discussing the aspects of fatness as a political identity,, through art, activism and research. Their practice includes polemic performances, tender workshops for fats and dominate talks for thins, video and poetry based on feelings and/or academic resources. The group has realised a number of events exploring the main themes of their work and the audience perception of them, published a zine with four texts describing the political aspects of fatness, in collaboration with the Athenian publishing initiative Queer Ink, and in 2018 organised a symposium titled FATTIES: THE POLITICS OF VOLUME, supported by the University of Amsterdam. 

Director: Vasiliki Lazaridou

Producer: Vasiliki Lazaridou, Charina Avgoulea

Cast: Louisa Doloksa, Cloclo, Nikos Mochi Georgiou, Fo Kakari, Irene Palmou

Costumes: Lilly Zografaki, Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou

Make Up Artist: Olympia Lazaridis

1stDirector’s assistant: Ilia Diakatou

2ndDirector’s assistant: Aliki Kosmidou

Production assistant: Christina Lazaridou

Cinematographer: Areti Papaioannou, Lara Christen

Gaffer: Charina Avgoulea

Set Photographers: Dimitris Tairis, Soffia Akei

photos by Dimitris Tairis