“PinkFullMoon” is a project based on the notions of sisterhood, mutual aid and political resistance in dystopian and post-apocalyptic times. The installation combines three fantasy figures produced in a dialog with the writing of a homonymous narrative text.

The larger-than-life, fierce yet soft, sinister yet cute, creatures crave for intimacy and can be touched and hugged like stuffed animals, which would, in turn, would open the viewer to the political concerns and utopian design. The story of the figures is conveyed through a handwritten poem on the wall that characterizes the figures named Lillι, Thunder, and Crystal, and describes their world, a world that could be understood as an allegory of the present.

The unifying bond between the characters is their sisterhood, on which their community is based, and which nourishes their unique coexistence.  The atmospherically dense poem describes a world that is as real as it is fictional, and in which thoughts can expand, so that it is possible to transcend boundaries. As creatures of the night, the characters recall the habits of vampire bats. To survive, vampire bats have developed an elaborative buddy system for sharing meals. By sharing regurgitated blood with their neighbors through mouth licking – like kissing – they save each other from starvation.

In the PinkFullMoon community, blood is drunk and given to those in need. Their kinship is created through a blood connection, but not through familial bloodlines, but through an alternative, futuristic understanding of family. The characters’ accessories indicate their membership in the community. They wear extravagant high-heeled shoes, punk jewelry and jewelry inspired by the BDSM scene, such as chains, rings, piercings, and embroidered tattoos.

In the PinkFullMoon utopia, elective kinship and community care are the foundation for survival in a post-apocalyptic world. The background of the installation is the socio-political consequences that have resulted from the restrictions imposed to contain the global pandemic: inflexible gender roles, unequal distribution of care responsibilities, domestic violence, femicides, state controls, and simultaneously the loss of jobs and the increase of social inequalities. In the PFM community, creatures form clandestine networks of chosen families and plot a revolt against their oppressors.

Installation, Scultpures & Poem

Fresh A.I.R. Residecy exhibition, Urban Nation Museum, Berlin, Germany, 2021

Berlin, Germany, 2021
Sculpture 2. Title: Thunder
Materials: synthetic fur, synthetic leather, vinyl, velvet,pvc textile, laces, net, synthetic hair, metal chains, metal rings, pillow stuffing, acrylic paint, 3d printing
Dimensions: 1,80 x 1,40 meters

Berlin, Germany, 2021.
Sculpture 1. Title: Lilli
Materials: Synthetic fur, synthetic leather, synthetic vinyl, velvet, tulle, laces, net, synthetic hair, plastic chain, pillow stuffing, acrylic paint, metal rings, 3d printing
Dimensions: 2,00 x 2,00 meters.

Berlin, Germany, 2021.
Scultpure 3. Title: Chrystal
Materials: synthetic fur, synthetic leather, vinyl, velvet, pvc textile, plastic laces, 3d printing, synthetic hair, plastic chain, pillow stuffing, metal rings, acrylic paint.
Dimensions: 2,00 x 1,50 meters