Oceanic Planet

“She”, in fact may no longer be a she at all, but rather the subject of quite another story: a subject-in-process, a mutant, the other of the Other, a promising monster. (Rosi Braidotti)

The poetic text “Oceanic Planet” is a feminist adaptation of the fairy tale “The Little Mermaid”. The classic story is transformed into a poetic liquid delirium of confessions in which hybrid creatures of the ocean move beyond gender and species in an attempt to escape an endless anthropocentric list of dichotomies – man-woman, human-monster, inner-outer. The Oceanic Planet is a post-human world where everything mutates and everything is possible. The figure of the Little Mermaid becomes a symbol of self-destruction and constant creation, crossing boundaries into the unknown without knowing a clear direction. Through an improvised, incoherent, hysterical speech production process, the performers transform the peaceful world of the little mermaid into a feminist, chthonic story. A collaboration with Lydia and Anna Ketikoglou.

The text was published in 2018 by Freigeist Verlag in the collective book titled “Love and Politics”.

The performance was part of the Sound Acts Festival / Athens and Epidaurus Festival, 2017.

Performance @ Sound Acts

Link to PDF- Oceanic Planet at page 193