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Buttercup is a strong and vulnerable little elf, embracing sensitivity, softness and spirituality. She is kin with all the mystic creatures of the woods, the forests, the meadows, sister with the unburied nymphs and the eternal witches of the world. 

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Rhina knows how to fight back her hunters with her vagina dentata tusks and her hard, glistening pearls. She is one of a kind, wild and protects all of her sisters in the furry universe.

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Margieis a fierce and powerful hairy fairy who can fly away from her enemies with her shiny wings. Brush her fluffy beard and spread her feminist softness all around the furryhood. 

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Hybrid femininities, witchy elves, fierce fairies, bloody bunnies, creatures from a tender   otherworld are embodying and protecting your subjectivity with their magic powers.