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Luna Under the PinkFullMoon @ Overview Effect – Encountering the Cosmos in 60th Thessaloniki International Film Festival

Luna under the PinkFullMoon is a new visionary fictional work in progress that is currently exhibited at the Thessaloniki Film Festival exhibition. The protagonist is Luna, a stripper bat 👠and the story is about her adventures in the PinkFullMoon cave and her nights💫full of bat sisterhood👯, radical pole dancing and collective protection spells🔮❤️. [In the story], this cave is a shelter of empowerment against the largest bat hunt ever unleashed. Luna under the PinkFullMoon is inspired by Silvia Federici and modern witch hunts, through a poetic narration about trauma, loss, desire and the political dimensions of the body. At the exhibition you can meet Luna and read some of her stories until the 1st of December,2019 at @momus_museums 💜 to be continued