Fluffy with Ηραλκής Πουά-Ροζ_Genderhood

Fluffy invited its special friends from Genderhood,  to organise, in collaboration with Antigoni  the workshop “Fluffy with Ηρακλής Πουά-Ροζ” inside Fluffy Library.

They invited children between the ages of 4 and 8 to participate in a hyper-colourful and fluffy workshop, that aimed to a playful investigation beyond the pink and the blue.

Children had a taste of various toys of all colours and shapes and “identified” which were the ordinary toys for boys and which ones for girls.  Later, they had the opportunity to design and create their own toys using mixed materials, that they found inside Fluffy. And finally, they uncovered the lost secret that lies in the bowels of Fluffy.

Event @ Atopos Contemporary Visual Cultures

all photos by Stella Mouzi