Once upon a time there was a huge furry monster called Fluffy.

Fluffy means:

To be hybrid and fluid

to be a soft beast, a fragile monster, a vulnerable cyborg

an enormous and unapologetic alliance of deviation.

Fluffy means to mutate

to be in a process of becoming with … me

and take care of each other while we are transforming to the unknown.

To respect our boundaries and be aware of our privileges while we are brushing the pain away.

To have the choice to be genderless, ageless and speciesless.

To not define but redefine

and create new narratives together.

To embrace alternative forms of intimacy and family

to make kinships with the non-human

to transition between genders and kingdoms of classification:

I am the knight-princess of the giant amoebas of chaos. I like to wear high heels on my thousand pseudopods. I don’t have a skin but a flexible membrane that allows me to change shape from one moment to the next. My family consists of all the unfaithful offspring of the goddesses of the abyss:

The witches that you couldn’t burn

The hairy fairies

The not-so-little mermaids

Τhe pregnant masculine seahorses

The rebel monsters who were left out at school,

The alienated aliens who were thrown out of their planet

The disorderly dogs who have been kicked out of home

The heroines who were overshadowed by super-men

The gossip fishwives – annoying daughters, notoriously loud and fouled-mouthed vixens

The hysterical pussycats who are smashing patriarchy with their tentacular paws

The vulnerable evils

The forgotten hags

The real crying crocodiles

The dragons who want to become princesses

The bearded beauties

The failed knights

The pansexual albino cockatoo parrots

The huge furry monsters who are longing for love and care

all together

we are safeguarding the ageless non-existence of life and death

Re-writing history and reclaiming our place in eternity

Co-existing with radical tenderness

hacking the surface of the skin

reshaping the memory that is inscribed upon it

deconstructing the necropolitical playgrounds of our bodies

brushing, pushing, cuddling, healing

taking care of every hair our collective furry body has

remembering, remembering, remembering

It’s so FLUFFY I am NOT gonna die!