Fluffyland was created in 2017 and has been exhibited at the 6 th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art “Imagined Homes” and the 3 rd Sound Acts Festival hosted by Athens and Epidaurus Festival in Athens.

Photo Credits: Petros Poulopoulos

FluffyLand is a hybrid furry ecosystem, an ecological niche of various life forms with blurred boundaries between species, genders, intra and inter-action, science and fiction, Beauty and the Beast. FluffyLand is inspired by biologist Lynn Margulis and her notion of multispecies symbiosis and Donna Haraway’s thinking-with, living-with and being- with other planetary organisms. 

Inside FluffyLand human and non-human are inextricably linked in tentacular practices, embracing a tactile dimension of interaction and revisiting childhood through playing.
The project consists of wearable costume-furries that the audience can try out, soft sculptures of monsters or hybrid reproductive systems and performances or activations from other artists.

Fluffyland @ Athens School of Fine Arts
Performance by Nightmare Fuel & Matt Cornel
Fluffy @ Sound Acts
Photo Credits: Manos Kapa