Fluffyland - Installation

The work proposes a dynamically mutating space-world, a hybrid ecosystem of various life forms with blurred boundaries, blurred boundaries between objects, subjects, bodies and genders, in and out, science and fiction, Beauty and the Beast. The space invites the viewer to have a Fluffy Dip; lie down, touch, be touched. Eventually with this process, come to terms with the weird, the different the hybrid and the obscure. Through the increasing intimacy with the live environment the participant, becomes part of a symbiotic relationship by their own active presence.

Our very own nature, according to Lynn Margulis, is defined with multi-complexity. We are symbiotic beings living in a super organismic system. The individual life is prone to merge and reappear in the form of a new entity with a wider and higher level of organization. Everything is flowing and constantly transforming, based on that even our own bodies over the time are transformable. The identity of an individual is amorphous, porous and borderline. There is no clear line that defines when and where an entity starts or ends. According to Donna Haraway, we are all lichens: beings that made of multiple, separate, symbionts.

Symbiosis, a term defined by the German botanist Anton de Bary, as the living together of unlike organisms. In some cases, the cohabitation and long term joint life through symbiotic combinations results in new symbiogenesis i.e. the formation of new organizations and new species. The symbiotic interaction constitutes the raw material of life in a multitudinous planet.

The work pursues the creation of symbiotic relation flows, between people and hybrids, furry or fluffy animals with living ones in a gradually transforming space.

6th Thessaloniki Biennale “Imagined Homes”, Main exhibition, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, 2017

Sound Acts, Athens and Epidaurus Festival, 2017


Photo by Petros Poulopoulos
Photo by Stella Mouzi
Photo by Stella Mouzi

Biennale of Contemporary Art - Thessaloniki, Greece, 2017