FluffyLand is a dynamically mutating furry-system, a multispecies habitat with blurred boundaries between subjects and objects, intra- and inter-action, Beauty and the Beast. The installation invites the viewer to activate the space and have a fluffy dipping; to lie down, touch, explore, play, transform and eventually come to terms with the monstrous and the obscure. Symbiotic interaction is the raw material of life on a multitudinous planet. Through increasing intimacy with the live environment, participants become part of a symbiotic relationship by their own active presence. Inspired by biologist Lynn Margulis’ theory of coevolution and symbiogenesis and Donna Haraway’s thinking-with, living-with, and being-with other planetary organisms, FluffyLand pursues relation flows between humans and hybrids, furry animals with living ones, in a gradually transforming space filled with tangible and wearable sculptures.

Fluffyland @ Thessaloniki Biennale 6

Fluffy @ Sound Acts
Photo Credits: Manos Kapa
Fluffyland @ Athens School of Fine Arts