Drag For kids

On the 10th of January 2018, Antigoni and Fluffy had very special visitors· Drag Queens & kids with their parents!!!

Let’s Be Unicorns, in cooperation with the amazing and famous drag queens : Kangela Tromokratisch, Space Manifesto, GingerΈλα and Atossa presented the first “Drag For Kids” workshop, inviting children, between the ages of 4 -8 years old, to entertain themselves and creatively and interactively  investigate concepts, such us inclusion, freedom of self-expression, acceptance of uniqueness, empathy of the otherness and harmonic coexistence with the OTHERS, through drag performances with fairytales, lip sync, puppetry show, aliens and super-heroines. The workshop was organised by Paraskevi Damaskou.

EventAtopos Contemporary Visual Cultures

all photos by Stella Mouzi