Deep Dancing - stage design

Stage design/ installation for the project DEEP DANCING in collaboration with CHICKS* collective. The premiere will take place at Sophiensaele Theatre in Berlin, Germany in 2022.

Spectators are invited to immerse themselves in personal experiences with dance. DEEP DANCING designs and tests forms of couple dance and discourses on dancing in times of patriarchy in an interactive one-to-one theatre format. DEEP DANCING is performative trauma therapy and conceives queerfeminist utopias. Together with the audience, the performers negotiate questions about couple dance and leadership and search for non-violent ways of interacting with each other. How does one dance when there is no cis-male part to take the lead? What gender roles can we establish, discard, discuss in dance? How do we want to meet each other if we want to avoid injuries? DEEP DANCING is a feminist flirtation school, a consensus-based meeting format and a disco fox-at-a-distance course, a sliding and stumbling exercise, a monogamy-critical mating ritual and a power-negotiating conversation format in dance.