Clara's Confessions

A super heroine clitoris from a distant planet shares her thoughts and stories, while trying to understand the world, her identity and her body. She invites the audience to sit down, hug and listen to her. The project is inspired by the work of Silvia Federici and deals with issues such as the surveillance of women’s body and the demonisation of their sexuality since the beginning of the 18th century in the West.

Ntepa & CLara , drawings by Demi Kaia, photo credits: John Sachpazis
"Emfylo-ποιειν" exhibition @ A.Antonopoulou Gallery, performance by Daglara, drawings by Demi Kaia
Photo Credits: John Sachpazis
CLara with Hysteria at "toddlersbyblnk", Photo Credits: Yu Liang Liu
Fluffy Sculptures, 10th Berlin Biennale "We Don't Need Another Hero" @ KW Institute for Contemporary Art
In collaboration with Fabiana Faleiros for her project "MasturBar", 2018
Photo Credits: Timo Ohler

“We clitorides have always been, in the whole universe, on earth and even further. Yet, it took them too long to recognize us and write a story about who we are. All they ever said was that we were just a bump.

That’s the reason we decided to write our own story. We’ve caused much turmoil since we are tense and tend to make noise. They cut us, burned us, shut us up, controlled our bodies and its rights. They said we cause many nasty diseases…like hysteria…

Our own existence, they claimed, was utterly useless. We were in the dark for ages, locked in the shadow of an enormous cloth, ready to explode and die from asphyxiation. 

They wanted to bury us in there forever and not talk about us, never acknowledge our existence. But they could never imagine that we were so many and our hysterical screams could be heard light years away.”