photo by: Stella Mouzi

Antigoni’s work explores the politics of body, desire, sexuality and co-existence through the lens of such diverse fields as queer studies, intersectional feminism, non-human ethics and multispecies ethnography. Using radical softness, playfulness, fiction and collectivity as potent tools to create visionary worlds, her intention is to build bridges of kinship between art, alternative pedagogy and activism.   

By recreating pre-established narratives and constructing poetic fictions, Antigoni creates a hub of gender and age fluidity in a world that is imaginary, yet easy to be immersed in. Exploring the territory between tenderness and trauma, she uses the personal to express the political. She creates safe spaces and weaves empowering, collective rituals for all the unsung hybrids that don’t fit in normative fairytales.

With her practice- stretching from large scale participatory installations to interactive performances, from poetic fairytales to sewing huge furries- she aspires to deconstruct stereotypes while critiquing patriarchy, sexism and discrimination. Submerged in the curated spaces and performances, people are stranding in the constant forming of alternative storytellings.

Her work is also rooted in collaborations with other artists, educators and scientists while seeking to innovate on how arts and pedagogy can inform one another. In her project Fluffy Library she is examining how an art project can be accessible to children as well as educational by creating a playful environment for stimuli about gender neutrality and queer empowerment.

Her multiple visionary fictions can inhabit the same Fluffy Universe.

What is cute can at the same time be sharp, girly can be feminist, glitter can speak about trauma and something fluffy can attack the patriarchy.

Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou was born in 1993 and she is an Athens based artist. Her work has been exhibited in major Greek and international exhibitions and festivals, such as the 6 th Biennale of Thessaloniki “Imagined Homes”, the 10 th Berlin Biennale “We Don’t Need Another Hero” in collaboration with Fabiana Faleiros at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, the Alternative Stage of the National Opera of Greece, the HAU Hebbel Am Ufer in Berlin and the 60th Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

Her latest project “Fluffy Library”, produced and hosted by ATOPOS Contemporary Visual Culture for one year, was part of UNESCO’s “Athens 2018- World Book Capital”. Fluffy Library has been exhibited as a solo show in 2019 at the Arnolfini Centre for Contemporary Arts in Bristol, UK. 

Antigoni has organized various events and workshops inside her installations through collaborations with multiple artists and educators.