I have always been fascinated by the idea that something cute can be simultaneously sharp, something girly can be feminist and something fluffy can dismantle the patriarchy.

In my work, I envision alternative universes where subversive characters thrive to re-imagine a less traumatic past, critique the present and anticipate a futurity that is not dependent on the existing historical and social infrastructure. In my art, which is always accompanied by an exploration of myself within the current status quo, the personal and the political interweave with speculative fabulation and historical research.

Haunted histories and forgotten herstories are explored in an attempt to reclaim their lost place in the world’s collective memory through constructed fantasy narratives. It is about how softness can lead us to transform our subjectivities and communities or how loss and grief can shape a new understanding of the political.

My multidisciplinary practice revolves around processes of storytelling and consists of participatory installations, wearable sculptures, performances and creative writing. In my methodology, the social component is paramount, while radical fluffiness is being used as a means to foster intimacy and interaction. The fairy-tale and speculative fiction form becomes a political tool to create new notions of gender, sexuality, desire and kinship, through the lens of fields as diverse as queer theory, multispecies ethnography and intersectional feminism. Much of my aesthetic inspiration derives from the technologically mediated worlds of the internet, video games, science fiction novels and modern subcultures such as the furry fandom or cyberpunk. As a result, stuffed hybrids, monsters and uncanny creatures are represented in my work through “offline” techniques such as sewing or sculpting. Thus, elements from the virtual world are translated into a physical environment and sometimes return to the online space through video performances.

In an effort to communicate my work with a diverse audience, I seek to build bridges of kinship between art, alternative ways of learning and social activism through the worlds I create. Tactile environments with a dreamy architecture and spaciousness that invites immersion and encourages playfulness, humor and collectivity. Narratives of revolutionary protagonists challenge the way bodies and knowledge have been constructed in occidental history. Communal encounters between humans and non-humans create cross-species alliances to explore political, affective and ecological regeneration. Realms of failure are (de)constructed where past, present, and future share common grounds of memory and oblivion.

These universes are not perfect utopias, but rather unfinished aspirations, full of entangled relationships of (un)becoming. They are poetic attempts to hack the surface of the skin and reshape the memory inscribed within it while deconstructing the necropolitical playgrounds of our bodies. To take care of every hair our collective furry body has. To remember, it is so fluffy, we are not gonna die.

photo by: Andreas Simopoulos

Call me Bunny

Pronounce: They/Them 

Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou Bunny (b.1993) lives and works in Athens and Berlin.

In 2018 they created Fluffy Library, a one-year hybrid project produced by ATOPOS cvc and supported by NEON, in the context of UNESCO’s Athens 2018-World Book Capital. In 2019, Fluffy Library was presented as a solo show at the Arnolfini Centre of Contemporary Arts in Bristol, UK. Their work has also been showed at the 6thBiennale of Thessaloniki “Imagined Homes”, the 10thBerlin Biennale “We don’t need another hero” in collaboration with Fabiana Faleiros at KW Institute for Contemporary Arts, the “Manifestos for Queer Futures” Festival at HAU Hebbel Am Ufer in Berlin, the Alternative Stage of the National Opera of Greece, the 60thThessaloniki International Film Festival, the Goethe Institut of Athens, Wrightwood 659 in Chicago. Currently they are an artist in residency at the Fresh A.I.R. Program of the Urban Nation Museum in Berlin.Their latest project is a universally accessible film titled DENTATA PEARLS, commissioned and produced by Stegi – Onassis Foundation.